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What to Expect


We schedule a 90 minute appointment for new patients coming in for an oral
hygiene checkup. This time is yours and yours alone and we want you to be
relaxed and comfortable. We want to get to know you and understand your

Our hygienists will go over your health history and discuss any questions you may
have in our patient-centered interview. We provide an antimicrobial rinse and
then take digital x-rays and intra-oral photos before starting an oral exam. We will
perform a check for cavities and assess the health of your gums, jaw, teeth and
tongue, taking notes along the way. We then remove tarter and plaque, polish
and floss your teeth and offer fluoride varnish for both children and adults.
Depending on what we find during your exam, we will recommend a treatment
plan specifically for you.

After your oral hygiene checkup is complete, we will schedule your next
appointment- and don’t forget your new toothbrush, floss and toothpaste!